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We can provide our high quality products and technology for your requests.
All products are formulated by Japanese technology and are produced in China.

“WASHIN” is a leading company in the hot stamping foil industry in the world. “WASHIN” was founded in 1924 as a manufacture of various paints, coatings and chemicals for wood, plastics and films, has enjoyed the strong confidence from many customers.
In recent years, our hot stamping foils have been highly evaluated in various fields such as cosmetics containers, packaging boxes, films, printing papers and so on.

 We, “WASHIN”, accomplish growth and change with the trend of the times by flexibly creation and development. Our aim is to go after new business or improve foreign business with an international viewpoint. “WASHIN” tries to make endeavors in the years ahead.

Our strong advantages are higher quality, providing technical information and reasonable price because we have good experiences in various industries and have an accumulated excellent know-how, and all products are produced in China under controlled by “WASHIN”’s formulation and technology.
We got success to produce all products in China as the same as “Japanese Quality”.

We, “WASHN” will be growing together with customers.