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Waterborne Colour Paste

AQUA 9600 Pore Filling Agent

AQUA 1000SS Sealing Primer

AQUA 800 Color Modifier

AQUA 3700 SS Primer

AQUA 6500 FC topcoat

At present, with the progress and development of society, people's living standards continue to improve, environmental awareness is becoming stronger and stronger, the requirements for the paint industry are getting higher and higher, environmental protection coatings, green coatings are more and more concerned by people. As the market demand of waterborne coatings products is gradually expanding, our company rapidly adjusts its strategic policy and develops waterborne coatings products. After a long period of hard work, the waterborne standard wood paint developed by Dalian and Xinxin Coatings Co., Ltd. has finally come into being. The series of products mainly use imported raw materials to achieve environmental protection, non-toxic, excellent product performance, and conform to HT/T after testing. 3828-2006, and passed the national environmental protection industry standards (HJ/T201-2005 "Environmental Marking Products Technical Requirements Waterborne Coatings").